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  • During several years, PROCOLUIDE team has been creating the most sensorial and comfortable textures in order to offer the best ones to its customers. Today, we introduce you the latest 10 that will help you developing the most incredible products: Transforming creams, bubbling body care, solid oils….. contact us and try them! For more information check the brochure below: Surprising Textures

  • Product line to take care of your scalp The scalp, like the rest of the skin, has a natural protective barrier that suffers from daily external aggressions like: cleansing agents (sulfates), high or low temperatures, pollution, UV radiation

  • A radiant flawless soft skin, is not just fashionable but, who will not want a skin like that? This is why we have created the last generation of exfoliation products: EXFOLIES In a range of 10 products, with different textures, we have combined several enzymatic, chemical and mechanical exfoliants to propose different solution for different skin types. Gel, lotions, jelly or even pads to improve the elimination of dead cells of your skin, accelerate de cellular cycle and even the skin tone, even the more sensitives! For more information check the brochure below: Exfolies

  • Our last suncare innovations Discover now our solar expertise through our new line of innovating solar protection : the SUN PRO-EXPERT Line. Following extensive research on solar protection by our Technological Center, we are able to propose scientifically advanced solutions with innovating galenic for your next developments : Face Cream, DD Cream, Face & Body mist, gel-cream or solar stick, we ensure formulas with the best efficacy and sensorial textures. Our device for in vitro tests enables us to check the level of protection SPF and adjust it according to your needs, whatever the application. We develop also tailor-made pre-sun and after-sun products. Innovate now rapidly and safely from these solutions or from scratch for an entirely tailor-made development in respect with your brief. For more information check the brochure below: Gamme Sun Pro-Expert

  • Global WARMING, pollution, the lack of natural resources…. Those and others are factors from the present and the past that have a negative impact on the ecosystem and here, in Procoluide we are conscious of it

  • Pleasure, work, turism, relax, trips are part of our life at their frequency is getting bigger Sadly, is not always easy to bring with us everything we want on our suitcases, and the most affected are usually our beauty products. Thanks to our expertise in Stick technology, we have developpesda full range of innovative beauty products with amazing textures and different uses: Cleanser, Scrubs, Make up, Sunscreen, even hair care products! For more information check the brochure below: Stick is in the air

  • The nomadic care against skin impacts To finish up with our line of stick innovations, we have developed the ARNISOIN stick dedicated to the whole family. Hyper-practical and transportable anywhere, its formula rich in natural actives enable to relieve the skin from impacts. Its smooth and comfortable texture fits children and adults' skin. The stick format enables to perform massages facilitating actives absorption and relieving the pain.

  • Anti-pollution haircare Hair is subjected to all kinds of exterior agressions during the day, like pollution. That's why, we have developped an entire line to protect them and reveal again their beauty : the PRO HAIR DETOX line. Without sulphate and without silicone, our innovating formulas combine efficacy and sensoriality. Our anti-pollution ritual includes :   A SOFT SHAMPOO A HAIRCARE MASK A HAIRCARE FOAMER or A HAIRCARE SPRAY (at the choice) For any tailor-made development, we can propose these formulas, or adjust them according to your needs, or finally create new formulas "from scratch". For more information check the brochure below: Pro Hair Detox

  • Aging gracefully What about being beautiful whatever the age ? Women and their vision of beauty are changing

  • Your skincare emulsions turned into FOAM It's time to discover a new technology available to develop your face and body cares with an airy and smooth Mousse texture ! Our revolutionary innovation AIR TOUCH presents 4 main assets, with strong added value : AN INNOVATING CONCEPT AND A UNIQUE TEXTURE Our experts found the perfect balance between the aerosol technology and the formulation to obtain a sensory, hyper-comfortable and unique skincare application. AN HYPER-QUALITATIVE AND PROTECTED FORMULATION With a tailor-made mouldability, respecting our customers' brief, the texture can be adapted according to the aesthetics and sensory results you wish. AIR TOUCH ensures a perfect protection of the formula too. A SUBLIMATED AND DIFFERENCIATING GALENIC No other technology with such a result exist on the skincare market. A new beauty gesture is born ! For more information check the brochure below: Airtouch

  • Create your spiral-shaped emulsions! Our team of researchers has developed the SWIRL Technology, an innovative and modular "multi-phase" galenic. It offers a unique and differentiating product design by introducing your tailor-made emulsions in spiral shape into an aqueous gel. The result is aesthetical and refined. Based on airless packaging, the SWIRL brings: A tailor-made visual impact: the spirals are entirely adjustable according to your brief and your formula. A multi-product potential: the technology can be adapted to a large choice of skincare products as well as haircare products. The valorisation of your actives: the spiral design highlight your concept and the performance of your product. For more information check the brochure below: Swirl

  • Natural touch-up & flashy temporary colours Perfect for quick roots touch-up or an original hair experience, our hair make-up achieve a look easily without engagement. Available in 5 hyper-practical and innovative technologies with natural pigments, they can be applied in few quick steps and can be eliminated from the first shampoo: > STICK > CHALK > SPRAY > AEROSOL > GEL All trendy "effects" can be tried, from Natural Ombré Hair to flashy & fun Dip Tie. For more information check the brochure below: Hair Make up

  • The skincare ritual for men Discover our last complete line of cares dedicated to beards: the BEARD CARE line. It is based on a ritual of 3 steps: beard cleaning, beard care and beard styling. This range offer a large choice of galenics according to application needs. (oils, serums, gels

  • Nueva gama PROSUNCARE, esperando el verano protegidos Ya comienzan a llegar los primeros rayos de sol después del Invierno, y en Procoluide nos hemos puesto a trabajar para crear una linea de productos con todo tipo de fórmulas para la protección de tu piel. Desde Mist, cremas, lociones y sticks, formulados para potenciar tu bronceado, protegerte durante el día y calmar tu piel y cabello tras la exposición, esta amplia línea contiene todo lo que tu marca pueda necesitar. Con los mejores ingredientes y siempre buscando alternativas naturales, desde Procoluide te presentamos: PRO-SUNCARE! Para más información, consulte el folleto siguiente: GAMA PROSUNCARE

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